A special thanks to our wonderful customers who sent us their unsolicited comments! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
- J.O.
Dear John...
Allen Marine "These speakers are ...so damn dynamic, that at times they have elicited from us a physiological response..."
James D. Ricciardi "The look, the feel, the performance..."
Richard and Evelyn Platek "Listening to music has changed its value..."
James Bryan Lungo "Draws me in and envelopes me, transporting me to a place of..."
Frank and Cathy Burzik "She was very impressed with the clarity and dynamics of the voices that she'd never heard..."
Catherine and Barry Mitchell "It has been an immense pleasure rediscovering musical details in our CD..."
Glenn O. Strauss "In my 30 years in audio as a retailer, journalist and music lover, I have yet to hear a better speaker system..."
David and Helga Barenberg "The sound is precise and immediate, yet it has warmth and musicality..."
Phil Nicolo "The Mach 17 speakers are the most natural sounding speakers I've ever heard..."
John Miller "The Mach 17 is quite simply, the best!"