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Well, after 2 years it's time for another Stereophile consumer show in Chicago at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, rm.# 10120. We'll be away until Tuesday the 18th of May, so hold down the fort 'til then. I hope to meet many, whom I have corresponded with over the months. Nothing like posting to your own website, eh? :-))

John Otvos, President /Slave
Waveform Inc.
Brighton, ON

The worst part is the wait.However what in life that is great is not worth waiting for.I just got an e-mail and my Mach 17 and surrounds are all most finished.

Robert Goldstein
Dallas, Texas

John's Response

Great concept. I can't wait to hear a pair!

Bryan Stewart, Computers
Raleigh, NC

John's Response

love this website but, what about the DVD?

geri carwel, homaker
glassboro, new jersey

John's Response

Dear Mr.Otvos, it is my sincere wish to one day hear these magnificent instruments. To truly appreciate a man's life work... It is a privelage the measure of which cannot be understood by those who have no idea true music listening is one of the last great pleasures left in a world overcrowded with digital chaos eg pagers,celluar phones, interactive video, components that are all too invasive. The dedication and artistry of both musicians and men like yourself are the driving force of my eternal passion for sound. As for my present speaker system, the Paradigm Studio Monitor, I have had as equal the enjoyment of Scott Bagby's work. The two of you have my deepest admiration and respect. Very sincerely yours, Scott

Scott Strother, nurse assistant
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Dallas, TX

John's Response

Having had Altec Lansing A7-500's, I enjoyed your old speakers w/ 15". If ordered old JBL towers w/ 2 - 15's and Paragon compression midrange don't get it, I'll be interested in driving yours w/ my Krell receiver, 150 wpc, old Adcom 200 wpc, and, John, maybe a Pass 30 wpc for the top. We've talked on the phone before. If I get more interested, I'll call ya'. Would that amp array be good? Congratulations on your product's recognition as a great one. Lee

Leland Gregg
Aspen, Colorado

John's Response

I would like to recieve some more info. about waveform records and possibly a catalog with all of the music you offer. My favorite types of music are trance, ambient, and house music.

Jason Langley, Independent Contractor
The Business Lunch
Houston, Texas

John's Response

John Just thought I would poke my nose in the door for a short visit the site looks great. Looking forward to the new format. Hope your pc is still churning away as it should with minimal discomfort.

Jim Sanders, Computer Tech
Belleville, Ont

John's Response

Very nice site, clean, uncluttered, personnal touches,reflect well upon your product.

André G. Raymond, programmer
Gov't Of Canada HRDC-DHRC
Hull, Québec

John's Response

Please send us product and dealer information.

George P. Roth, President
Audiophi;e and Ambiance
Parma, Ohio 44129

John's Response