The Waveform Name
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The Origins of Waveform

The Mach 7
Part of a one of a kind 5 pc. surround speaker system of qtr. sawn white oak for Mr. Jack Renner, CEO Telarc

The Origins of Waveform

The predecessor of the Waveform Mach 17 loudspeaker, the Mach 13, was built as a design exercise to determine the limits of the original cabinet with respect to dispersion and diffraction. It was developed to understand the nature of two superior drive units and the limits to which they could be pushed.

This pioneering work has resulted in the Mach 17, with its mid-range and tweeter speakers housed in a tiltable and turnable egg with fully discrete electronic crossover.

As an uncompromising commitment to its product and to its clients, Waveform makes only one model and constantly investigates new methods and materials in order to improve acoustic accuracy, yielding a greater sense of realism for the listener.

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